X-Aspirations Ep. 109, The Uncanny X-Men #126, October 1979

X-Aspirations Episode 109 The Uncanny X-Men #126, October 1979 "How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth...!" Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Roger Stern, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter Oh, You Mutie Things! In Which We Find That Hunting Naked Men Is One Of The Fifty Shades of Jean Grey, That Madrox Is Only One Step Above A Tennis Ball On A Stick, And That Mutant X May Have One Further Weakness: Love… And A Debilitating Addiction To Prescription Medication. Also, Chocoholic! We Have Just Two Weaknesses… And They Are Both Russian Accents! Check us out at www.x-aspirations.com And send us comments at xteam@x-aspirations.com

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