X-Aspirations Ep. 040, X-Men #40, January 1968

X-Aspirations Episode 040 X-Men #40, January 1968 "The Mark of the Monster!" Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Don Heck, Inked by George Tuska, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee. Joe Doffs His Cap To You! In Which We Discover That Angels Rush In Where Fools Fear To Tread, That Hundred Year Old Reanimated Corpses Are Terrible At Movie Trivia, And That If No One Is Going To Do Any Of The Reading, Xavier Wonders Why He Even Bothers! Fact: Mary Shelley Never Once Denied Her Creation Was a Biomechanical Space Monster. Not Once. Coincidence?! Also Included: "The First Evil Mutant!" Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked by John Verpoorten, Lettering by Al Kurzrok, Edited by Stan Lee. Check us out at www.x-aspirations.com And send us comments at xteam@x-aspirations.com The closing music is "Drinkin Buddies" by Six Hung Sprung http://podsafeaudio.com/jamroom/bands/1164/

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