X-Aspirations Ep. 036, X-Men #36, September 1967

X-Aspirations Episode 036 X-Men #36, September 1967 "Mekano Lives!" Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Ross Andru, Inked by George Bell, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee. Submit To The Wonders Of Marston! In Which We Learn That Thanks To The Unions All Our Super-Jobs Are Going Overseas, That Next Time A Man In An Exoskeleton Returns A Book Late You May Want To Just Let It Slide, And That We Can Forget About All The Single Mothers, The Real Problem Is All The Damn Welfare Professors! Being Wealthy Means Never Having To Say You Are Sorry! Check us out at www.x-aspirations.com And send us comments at xteam@x-aspirations.com The closing music is "Drinkin Buddies" by Six Hung Sprung http://podsafeaudio.com/jamroom/bands/1164/

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