Done-in-One Wonders Episode #15: The End of Infinity

Darkseid attacks! Can the Xum Crew stop him from enslaving the entire Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis universes? At the end of this episode, the Done-in-One Wonders Podcast Wonder Show will never be the same! Featuring: Forever People v1 #11 Images from this episode: Music by Hoyt Curtin and the Manic Street Preachers. With special thanks to Siskoid for providing the voice of DeSaad, to Shag Matthews for providing the voice of Darkseid, and to Rob Kelly for providing an additional voice. Have a question or comment: Please feel free to leave comments below E-mail: Voice message (yes, you can leave a voice message up to 2 minutes in length): 415-779-4668 Learn more (than you need to know) about XUM YUKINORI at Subscribe to the show on iTunes: And please feel free to leave an iTunes review This podcast is an unabashedly conceited member of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK: Visit the Fire a Water WEBSITE: Follow Fire a Water on TWITTER: Like our Fire a Water FACEBOOK page: Use our HASHTAG online: #FWPodcasts Support The Fire a Water Podcast Network on Patreon: Thank you for listening!

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