S2 Ep.03 Lifeboat

The astronauts are fighting for their lives. As the oxygen level plummets, they must escape to the lunar lander. It's a desperate act of survival for which the crew has never trained. #13MinutestotheMoon See our film about the Lovell family: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kevin Fong. Archive: Nasa Starring: Glynn Lunney Ken Mattingly (courtesy of the Johnson Space Center Oral History Project) Merlin Merritt Jim Lovell John Aaron Fred Haise John Devaney Jerry Bostick Poppy Northcutt George Kalan Dave Reed Chuck Deiterich Marilyn Lovell Susan Lovell Jay Lovell Written by Kevin Fong and Mark Rickards Theme music by Hans Zimmer and Christian Lundberg for Bleeding Fingers Music BBC Radio Science Unit for the BBC World Service

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