Learning By Doing: When the Real and Virtual Worlds Collide with Derek Belch

Ready Player One, The Eye of Minds, and Pygmalion’s Spectacles. For years humanity has written about the allure of a virtual world. But what if the virtual world has already caught up to reality? And the headsets we’ve read about for decades are no longer just a myth? Hear from Strivr CEO and Co-Founder, Derek Belch. -- This program is produced by Mission.org and brought to you by Splunk, the Data-to-Everything Platform. Splunk helps organizations worldwide turn data into doing.  With solutions for IT, security, IoT and business operations, Splunk empowers people to make faster, better decisions and take action to get things done. Learn more at splunk.com. For full show notes and more, go to mission.org/hidden.

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