#275 Testing Stress Hormones Community Q/A Replay

This week on The Less Stress Life Podcast, I am sharing audio from our Live Community Call in December. On this call we covered topics related to testing stress hormones. 

+ What to know about stress hormones
+ Testing these hormones
+ What to do about high/low cortisol and also touched on other nuanced questions like PCOS/adrenal connection, thyroid connection, post hysterectomy weight gain, and more. 

My January Community Q&A will be on Jan 23 at 1 PM MT/3 PM ET, and it will be much shorter teaching/more time for questions on Seasonal Illness Prevention & Support. 

You can register here.

If you want me to look 1:1 at your case, I opened up two calls for Thursday, which will be the cut-off for starting work together in January. OR, you can book a call anytime in January to consider working together in February.

Learn more here. 



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