Coding Career Handbook with Shawn Wang

Resources: The Coding Career Handbook Website Shawn's Twitter Amelia's Twitter Nate's Twitter Today we're talking with Shawn Wang, a senior developer advocate at Amazon Web Services.  Shawn is a prolific writer- you should totally check out his blog, if you haven't already. and most recently has written a book about the non-coding parts of your coding career. Shawn used to work at a hedge fund until transitioning to tech, and this gives him a unique perspective on how to be effective in your job - and why you should take ownership of your whole career. In this wide-ranging conversation we talk about the differences between a Jr and Sr engineers, how to find strength in your weaknesses, and how to capture your daily ideas and use them to supercharge your career. I think developers at any level will get a tons of value from this conversation, let's dive in.

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