A Software Engineer's Guide to Venture Capital with AngelList Engineer Sumukh Sridhara

Resources: vcstarterkit Twitter / sumukh's Twitter Amelia's Twitter Nate's Twitter Welcome to the newline podcast. Our show is a conversation with experienced software engineers where we discuss new technology, career advice, and help you be amazing at work. I’m Nate Murray and I’m Amelia Wattenberger and today we're talking with Sumukh Sridhara who is a product engineer on AngelList's Venture Capital Team and the hilarious personality behind @vcstarterkit. While many engineers work at startups or are interested in starting their own company, Venture Capital can seem like a total mystery. In this episode, we'll learn about: How venture capital firms function How VCs make money - and how that affects you Ridiculous start-up ideas The reality of raising money whether or not you even should raise money. We really enjoyed our conversation and I'm sure you will too. Let's dive in.

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