2016 China-Africa Year in Review

After years of relatively trouble-free development, 2016 marked a turning point in the China-Africa amid turbulent changes in the global economic and political order. China increased its deployment of combat troops to the continent, suffering some its first casualties in South Sudan and Mali, while trade between the two regions decreased for the first time in years. Meantime, China dangled promises to finally outlaw ivory as Africa's elephants suffered another brutal year at the hands of poachers. Eric a Cobus look back at an eventful year in Sino-African ties and discuss what's ahead in 2017 and how the presidency of Donald J. Trump in the United States could impact China's engagement in Africa. Join the discussion. What are your top China-Africa stories for the year? Do you foresee difficulties ahead in this important geopolitical relationship or will Trump's antics help to push Chinese and Africans even closer together. Let us know what you think: Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChinaAfricaProject Twitter: @eolander | @stadenesque

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