Does just one man in China control the fate of Africa's elephants?

In the powerful new Netflix documentary "The Ivory Game," Elephant Action League Executive Director Andrea Crosta ominously warned that the entire fate of Africa's elephants is in the hands of a single man, Chinese president Xi Jinping. Only President Xi has the power, argued Crosta, to shut down China's domestic ivory trade that drives so much of the killing of Africa's rapidly diminishing elephant population. Crosta is among the central characters in "The Ivory Game" where he is also joined by Nairobi-based conservation activist Huang Hongxiang. Huang, who also founded the non-profit organization China House Kenya, and Crosta traveled the world to expose the complex trading networks that facilitate the illicit ivory trade. While Huang generally agrees with Crosta that the Chinese president plays an out-sized role in the destiny of these animals, he also cautions that it will take more than just Xi Jinping's policies to stop the killing. Huang joins Eric a Cobus to discuss more about the under-cover sting operations he participated in for "The Ivory Game" and why he feels it is so important to demonstrate that Chinese activists like him are risking their lives in the effort to save Africa's elephants from extinction. Join the conversation. Do you agree with Crosta that, for the first time ever, an entire animal species will be determined by just one person? Or do you share Huang's more nuanced view that it will take a collaborative effort among Asian, American, European and African leaders to finally shut down the ivory trade that fuels illegal poaching? Tell us what you think. Facebook: Twitter: @eolander | @stadenesque

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