Chinese migrants in Africa confront new challenges as economy worsens

Thousands of Chinese migrants who settled in Africa over the past ten years now face mounting uncertainty as economic growth slows across the continent and back home in China. While there are no reliable estimates as to how many Chinese migrants there are in Africa, experts believe the population to be somewhere between one and two million people. The Chinese expatriate and immigrant community in Africa is extremely diverse, and for a certain slice of that community the new, grim economic realities pose real challenges. Many are either too poor or too financially invested in Africa to go anywhere else. Dr. Yoon Jung Park is one of the world's leading experts on Chinese migration in Africa. Dr. Park is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the African studies department at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She joins Eric a Cobus to discuss what impact the slowing global economy will have on China's migrant population in Africa. If you want to join the conversation, we'd love to hear from you. Post your feedback on the China Africa Project Facebook page at or hit us up on Twitter: Eric: @eolander Cobus: @stadenesque Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes:

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