Delivering on the Industry 4.0 Vision: Leverage Your Ecosystem

The buzz: “While optimism prevails, companies have achieved varying degrees of success in implementing Industry 4.0” (, 2016). You want to deliver on the Industry 4.0 vision. Great! You’ll need digital transformation, especially in an existing facility, including automation, integration, and optimization of processes and manufacturing lines. Straightforward? Not! Transformation can span multiple solutions, plus onboarding and connectivity of multiple equipment, including brownfield, from numerous vendors. To be successful, you need a common agreement among vendors over standardized compatible connectivity; an extensible edge computing platform architecture; interoperability between Industry 4.0/IIoT solutions and semantic models of assets; and tight collaboration between OEMs and Operators. We’ll ask KUKA’s Dr. Christian Liedtke, Beckhoff’s Gerd Hoppe, and SAP’s Nils Herzberg how to get it done. Join us for Delivering on the Industry 4.0 Vision: Leverage Your Ecosystem.

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