New Congress Will Bring Oversight, Policy Changes

Congress will look very different when it gavels in next year with a new House Democratic Majority and an expanded Republican Senate. On this special post-election episode of “Suspending the Rules”—brought to you by Talking Tax— reporters and legislative analysts break down the implications of a divided Congress for a variety of key issues. In this episode: • Bloomberg Government senior congressional reporter Nancy Ognanovich dives into the election returns and dynamics in the new Congress. • Bloomberg Government health policy reporter Shira Stein discusses what’s in store for the Affordable Care Act, “Medicare-for-All,” and drug pricing. • Bloomberg Government homeland security reporter Michaela Ross reviews potential moves on immigration. • Bloomberg Environment editor Rob Tricchinelli talks about what the election could mean for climate policy and environmental regulations. • Bloomberg Tax reporter Stu Basu discusses Democrats’ tax priorities and plans to seek President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

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