Hill Roundtable- Episode 56- Federal Tax Priorities for the Coming Year

Congress now has a host of smaller tax issues to contend with after passing legislation overhauling many aspects of the Internal Revenue Code. The Republican-led House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees are looking at ways to make corrections to, and address issues omitted from, the new tax law (Pub. L. No. 115-97). Tax writers will consider overhauling the Internal Revenue Service, streamlining tax-favored savings accounts for education and retirement, and passing legislation to extend some expired tax breaks. These goals will face headwinds now that tax isn't the No. 1 agenda item in Congress. Politics, negotiations over funding the government, and competing policy priorities could all waylay the tax writers' plans. Reporters Kaustuv Basu, Allyson Versprille, and Laura Davison spoke with Talking Tax host Matthew Beddingfield on Jan. 22 about what’s next for lawmakers in 2018.

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