Rational Radio 9 March: New Nampak CEO; Ecsponent from two sides; Coronavirus scenarios; Sasol and more

BizNews — A bumper lineup on this week's Rational Radio: * New Nampak CEO Erik Smuts; * SA's favourite market commentator David Shapiro on Sasol, Anglo, Pioneer and more; * Acting CEO George Manyere gives his side of the Ecsponent story; while Brenthurst Wealth's Magnus Heystek pokes a few holes; * First Avenue's Hlelo Giyose on the group's innovative recruitment policies; * BDO's Jabulani Debedu on coronavirus and the impact on travel; * Scenario planner Clem Sunter unpacks three potential coronavirus outcomes; * Alisson Collier, the MD of Endeavour SA on supporting the country's entrepreneurs; and * Chris Logan on Nampak and the sale of coal fired power stations.

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