Alec Hogg's Rational Radio - Incl. Saffers in Coronavirusland; Eskom; Tiger Brands; Cannabis; Transnet

BizNews — In this week's episode of Rational Radio, Alec Hogg's guests in order of appearance: * David Shapiro - Tongaat v Brait; Tiger Brands; Apple, Amazon, Netflix results * Gary and Andy Cronje - Saffers living in the middle of Coronavirus Land * Chris Yelland - The public debut of Eskom CEO; how Joburg can ignore Eskom's loadshedding directive. * Pierre van der Hoven - Why Canadians have the jump on SA's potentially huge cannabis industry, and what must be done to catch up. * Lydia Petersen - An activist at the NERSA hearing representing civil society that's taking on Eskom - fighting the proposed 15% tariff increase * Francois Nortje - Visionary behind the Port of Gauteng - could be the answer to Transnet's new broom Portia Derby

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