This week's Rational Radio: Eskom, Sasol, Richemont, Steinhoff and bully-boy Sanlam

BizNews — after a short break, Alec Hogg's weekly Rational Radio show is back. In today's episode: David Shapiro on Sasol, Eskom, SAA and the markets. Jared Watson explains why he laid criminal charges against former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi - and got landed with a defamation suit for his trouble. Jean-Pierre Verster takes a close look at the latest news from Steinhoff and explains why Richemont's planned assault on China won't work. Magnus Heystek tells us why the Rugby World Cup victory might have been one of the worst things to happen for SA's financial future. Perry Feldman explains how the Free Market Foundation has intervened to get 8 500 title deeds to give under-privileged South Africans ownership of the houses they have occupied, sometimes for decades.     Independent financial advisor David Melvill explains why he is at war with an unyielding Sanlam threatening to have him debarred because he employed his errant (but since officially rehabilitated) son as a personal assistant.

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