The Editor’s Desk: Looks like we owe you an apology, Vivian Reddy

BizNews — On 27 July, Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan discussed the scuttlebutt about a commercial development in KwaZulu-Natal run by entrepreneur Vivian Reddy. Word on the street was that all wasn’t as it seems and that the deal was smelly. But after Alec sat down with Reddy and got the details, a different picture has emerged. Reddy has been working hard to make a success of the project in the face of a run of bad luck, and if he succeeds, the people of Umhlanga will have reason to say a big thank you. In this episode, Alec and Felicity discuss his conversation with Vivian Reddy. They also talk about the importance of entrepreneurship and the reality of immigration.

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