Rational Radio - The full show - 31 July 2019

BizNews — Here's the Producer's Cut of this week's show featuring: Gavin Montgomery of WoodMcKenzie who shares his insights into the way electric vehicles will take over from internal combustion engines - and how that will impact the price of metals like nickel, cobalt and lithium. Kokkie Kooyman of Denker Capital, a global expert on financial services, applies his mind to Nedbank's retrenchment of 1 500 staff and its travails with the 20% stake in turbulent Ecobank. Nick Binedell, former dean at GIBS and a key player in the Public Private Growth Initiative shares some good news on its progress - and how South Africa has imported a formula from Japan that is showing early success. SA's favourite market commentator David Shapiro applies his mind and experience to the fracas between Old Mutual and its former CEO Peter Moyo which it is now being forced by the courts to re-hire. Star play for the show, former head of SA Revenue Services investigations team Johann van Loggerenberg talks about his new book, Tobacco Wars, which blows the top off an industry wracked by fraud and tax cheating - including at market leader BAT.

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