Peter Hain targets Bain a Co over premeditated capturing of SARS

BizNews — South African-raised British peer Lord Peter Hain is applying pressure on the Westminster Government to stop doing business with global consultancy firm Bain a Co over its misbehaviour in South Africa. The commission of inquiry into the near collapse of SA Revenue Services concluded that there was a "premeditated offensive against SARS by Bain for former commissioner Tom Moyane to seize SARS." The Nugent Commission's final report says Bain executives "trained" Moyane, meeting with him on numerous occasions in the year before his appointment. Bain officials also met at least ten times with then president Jacob Zuma. The Nugent commission concluded that this was to advance a plan to de-fang SARS, and stop its investigations into Zuma associates. Peter Hain tabled questions about Bain in the House of Lords - we caught up with him for Rational Radio. - Alec Hogg

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