Zuma at Zondo: Odds shorten on another BRICs president behind bars

BizNews — Whomever advised Zuma on how to handle himself when providing testimony to the Zondo Commission Inquiry in to State Capture needs their head read. The first rule when you’re on the record, is to stick to a script: keep it short and clear. Zuma’s testimony was the precise opposite. Another critical rule, especially when you’re appearing on live television, is to pay close attention to your body language. Nowadays a few minutes on Youtube turns anyone into an expert on "exposing" liars. Zuma’s testimony was classic deception down to the fake cough, mouth cover and nose touch. In this episode of the Rational Perspective podcast we draw on Anthony Butler's excellent Ramaphosa biography to provide context to an incoherent couple of hours when SA's fuzzy minded former president increased his prospect of incarceration. - Alec Hogg

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