The Editor’s Desk: SA’s Multichoice winners a exotic game losers

BizNews — Sometimes a winner looks like a loser and a winning bet looks like a losing proposition. In SA, Multichoice has been out of favour as viewers switch to streaming, while exotic game has been seen as a modern gold mine for the savvy millionaire. But looks can be deceiving. In this episode, Alec Hogg lays out the contrarian case for investing in Multichoice and explains why the folks who bet big on buffalo and other big game are looking very wobbly today. The story of how multi-million-rand animals have depreciated into thousand-rand boondoggles is a sobering reminder of the dangers of irrational investment exuberance – a tale as old as tulip-mania. Alec Hogg and Felicity Duncan also discuss this week’s State of the Nation Address with a focus on the good news about data.

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