SONA 2018: Cyril Ramaphosa starts with keeping on the lights

BizNews — South Africans sometimes forget how far we’ve come since the days of Zuma and friends. And it’s none more apparent than through the annual State of the Nation address. Before it was almost a slogging contest of how far we’d come, what we’d done, as the ANC, which over the past nine years was plenty of billions plundered. There’s a fresh air with Ramaphosa’s approach, a look at what must be done, with some of the building blocks outlined. Because there’s one thing that every South African must realise. The hole that’s been excavated by the Zuptoids will only be filled with a collective effort. It’s a long speech, but they usually are, and I’d encourage anyone that sees a bright light at the end of South Africa’s tunnel to absorb what’s been said. Because if there’s one thing Ramaphosa can do is rally the troops that see a peaceful, prosperous future for this country. And the hard work begins with Eskom… – Stuart Lowman

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