177 // I‘ll Give Them F*cking Aliens: An Archaeological Expedition into Alien: Covenant (Exquisite Corpse Part Five)

There is a time shortly after the release of Prometheus and before pre-production on Alien: Covenant where things get ... murky. Ridley Scott was doing interview after interview, talking about a planned trilogy (or was it a quintology?) of prequel films in the coming years. The rumor mill on Prometheus 2 (or was it Paradise Lost?) was in full swing. Things were happening.

In this installment in our ongoing exploration into Alien: Covenant, Jaime and Patrick are joined by Aaron Percival of AVP Galaxy to comb through those early days in a search for answers. What happened to Lindelof? How did Blomkamp's art dumps change the narrative? We dive into all this and more in this archaeological dig of an episode.

Be sure to listen to Aaron and friends on the AVP Galaxy Podcast! Concept art by Khang Le.

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