001 | Najwa | Who Are You, Really?

Who are you?  

In the past, my definition of myself was all based on what I had done, not on who I actually am. And my internal feelings and thoughts about myself were directly related to my accomplishments or lack thereof. My relationships or lack thereof. My education degrees or lack thereof. And so on and so forth. 

I am 100% confident that you have done this your whole life as well. You’ve defined yourself by labels. By accomplishments. By your relationship status. By degrees. By who your family is. By which country you were born in. 

But who are you without all the labels you’ve been defining yourself with?

Because your vision of who you are and what your worth is dependent on something external to you. We seek our worth through accomplishments, and that places our worth outside of us. And places our worth at the mercy of something external to us.

It’s very hard for us to define ourselves without labels because all of a sudden we’re faced with a scary truth… we don’t actually know who we are.

My goal through this podcast is to give you a glimpse of how YOU can discover who you are, your authentic self.   

I will be interviewing people who I believe have been able to remain true and authentic despite their success in different areas of their lives. Through these episodes, I will be sharing stories from my life and insights I know you don’t want to miss.  

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