Shawn Stevenson: Vaccine Mandates, Zombie Wasps and Psychoneuroimmunology

Today’s science & technology allows us to cross planets and modify genes, yet chronic diseases still shoot us down. If our systems are so advanced, why are we still the sickest nation in history?

That’s a question addressed by Shawn Stevenson in this eye-opening episode. Here, Shawn unveils the faults in our healthcare system and the role of the government and media in perpetuating fear among us. He explains that the fear that helps us spot a threat is the same fear that makes us commit bad decisions for ourselves and others.

While fear serves as our mechanism for survival, Shawn argues it has also been a tool that corporations, politicians, and capitalists use as a form of control…and a source of billon-dollar profits! As long as we’re afraid to take charge of our own lives, they will continue to feed on us, and we will continue to grapple with the crisis of fear.

From the hyperbolic COVID-19 media coverage to flawed FDA processes and the opioid crisis brought by pharmaceutical giants, Shawn fearlessly points out how we're being manipulated by the very systems we created. And then he shares 3 things we can do to make a change now.

Shawn Stevenson is a nutritionist, keynote speaker, and the author of best-selling books "Eat Smarter" and "Sleep Smarter". He is the creator and host of “The Model Health Show” where he convenes with the world’s brightest experts to discuss topics on health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, and more.


What we discuss:

7:05 - Why we're still a lost world despite our advances in science & technology

17:20 - You are the product of the little moments in your life

22:00 - Can we hack our brain to change our feelings and thoughts?

34:30 - How fear affects our immune system

46:00 - The darkest secrets of our healthcare system

53:50 - What happens when you compromise your ethics for the greater good

57:25 - Why do people have a thirst for power?

1:04:00 - How big pharmaceutical companies contribute to the opioid crisis

1:14:00 - "Be awake, not woke"

1:17:20 - How can we help fix a broken healthcare, political, and education system?

1:25:00 - "Be so good that you're undeniable"


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