Thanksgiving, A Time to Be Grateful for It ALL!

Thanksgiving isn't about pilgrims for me. It's all about gratitude. In this short bonus episode, I reflect on what it means to be divorced and single during the holidays and why that isn't a bad thing. If you enjoyed the episode: Please subscribe and recommend this podcast to two people (2) who you think will enjoy it. Did I mention subscribing? Subscribe and never miss an episode.  If you listen on Spotify, just hit the “Follow” button.  Please, follow the Dating After Divorce music playlist to follow all the tunes that influenced my life while I was going through it: ( Read my article, Dating In My Forties, over at Medium for free as a Friend of the Dating After Divorce Survival Guide. (Read the article here.) ------------------------- If you're new to this podcast: Thank you for visiting and I hope you'll stay awhile! The best place to begin here is all the way that the beginning, (Season One, Episode One). That way you won't feel the way I do when I get to a party a little late and everyone there is acting like they're best friends. Support this podcast

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