ONE year of live laugh loving with twenty whatever!! (Q&A)

Sierra Schultzzie, Riayn Christina, & Paloma Malfavon host a viewer-fueled Q&A to celebrate! Join us as we nostalgia-trip down memory lane, sharing behind the scenes tidbits as we reflect on one year of live laugh loving on the internet.

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Edited by Rachel Resnick

0:19 intro

4:30 our favs

11:20 social media trials & tribulations 

14:22 crying on the internet 

17:30 first question

22:55 beige flags 

26:58 sharing a brain cell 

29:15 FMK 

33:20 whatever watchers

40:08 work life balance

42:43 out in the wild

46:54 Kenny Ortega in the wild

52:43 cast! that! show!

59:50 one piece of advice to rule them all?

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