teissTalk: Mitigating the cyber risks in your digital supply chain

This is the audio-only version of our weekly cyber security talk show, teissTalk.  Join us  for free by visiting www.teiss.co.uk/teisstalk

The panel discussion is titled:
teissTalk: Mitigating the cyber risks in your digital supply chai

  • Why the standard prescriptions for addressing supplier risk are challenged when it comes to 4th, 5th and Nth parties
  • How well are the regulatory/contractual routes helping organisations to secure their supply chains?
  • What technological approaches can complement the traditional solutions to help you build cyber resilience across your supply chain ecosystem?

This episode is hosted by Thom Langford

Andrea Szeiler-Zengo, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Transcom

Abbas Ahmed, CISO/VP Technology, Qenta Inc

Dov Goldman, VP Risk Strategy, Panorays

2356 232

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