91: Concurrency, 3 years later

Links Swift concurrency roadmap Episode 27: Concurrency with Chris Lattner [Concurrency] Actors a actor isolation [Concurrency] Interoperability with Objective-C [Concurrency] Structured concurrency [Concurrency] Asynchronous functions [Concurrency] AsyncSequence Swift Concurrency Proposals Dependencies Graph Protocol-based Actor Isolation: Draft #2 Actors are reference types, but why classes? Sponsors AWS Amplify - AWS Amplify is a suite of tools and services for iOS developers to build full stack serverless and cloud-based mobile apps. Check out our getting started Tutorial for iOS! Go to awsamplify.info/IOS Get in Touch If you're enjoying the show and want to say thank you, the best way to do that is by leaving us a review on iTunes! It lets us know what you think of the show and helps us climb the charts so other people can find the show.

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