Our Scary Truths (A Group $$$ Chat)

On episode no. 36 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have eight (POWERFUL) women on the show--all, members of Abundance Binge, talking with me about their $$$ stories, how scarcity looked in their lives and what they've learned from Abundance Binge. This casual conversation was so empowering for me to listen to, because even though our stories may seem different, they're so unbelievably similar. We all experience a scarcity model in our lives. We all feel unworthy, alone and separate. We all desire more abundance in our lives, whether that's $$$, or an abundance of time, friendships, love, joy, experiences, etc. This conversation showed me that I am She and She is Me. Thank you to these beautiful women of Abundance Binge. For sharing your stories and for showing up for yourselves, for taking the leap into Abundance. Your stories empower me. Your light shines bright. And we all are truly walking each other home. Thank you, soul sisters.    The link to purchase Abundance Binge is HERE, and the link to the payment plan is HERE.   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge www.cafebinge.com All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge  

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