Finding Your Life Direction, Astrogeography and North Nodes with Dara Dubinet

On episode no. 32 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have Dara Dubinet, life direction and Astrogeography specialist, on the show. Dara is one the most glowy, bright and high vibe people I've ever encountered--and it was, truly, such a delight to record this episode with her! Join us as Dara offers a live "session" to me, where she taps in intuitively to my life path, North node and my Astrogeography.  Dara uses astrology and intuition to offer people practical tools in discovering their life's direction. She opened my eyes to the importance of knowing and living in alignment with your North Node, and being aware of the triggers that come with your South Node, on your natal chart. The North Node is truly key in knowing why your soul is here and what it came here to do.  Dara also teaches me about Astrogeography, the astrology of places and locations. Just as we have a natal chart, we have our own unique map of the world, showing us the exact crossing lines and parallels of the world when you were born. This means, different places on Earth, will hold different energy for each of us. Have you ever been drawn to a particular place, for no reason other than it speaks to your soul? Have you ever been "turned off" from being in a location, for no other reason than it didn't vibe with you? Have you ever wondered where in the world you would most thrive? Find love? Find abundance? Astrogeography holds so many answers to these questions.  Dara is such a highly intuitive soul. Intuition fuels her life, and it's such an contagious energy to be around. She brings energy + intuition into all she does: including her raw food + tonics, her homes (as she teaches feng shui), and in how she teaches about astrology.  Find Dara on: Instagram  Youtube  Website  Find Dara's "life tools" for North Node + Astrogeography HERE.   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge  

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