Pro Snowboarder to Skincare Founder: Making the Jump with Salt + Stone's Nima Jalali

It may seem like a wild ride to go from extreme sports to clean skincare, but for this week’s guest on Verishop’s “Finding Inspo with Alex Barinka,” it was a natural path. Nima Jalali is a former pro-snowboarder and owner of Salt + Stone, a brand that started making non-toxic sunscreen for elite athletes and expanded into skincare and deodorant. On this week’s episode, hear how he channeled his work ethic into success in a new industry.  Shop the episode on Verishop with free one-day shipping and free returns. And listen to the episode for  a special discount code for first-time customers. Pro athletes, particularly the extreme variety are very in-tuned with how their bodies are calibrated, and how everything you put on or in them can effect performance. That’s also why Nima Jalali designed Salt and Stone products to do more for your skin than just protect it from the sun. In an exclusive conversation with Verishop's Alex Barinka, Nima shares stories about his pro-snowboarding background and how he channeled that experience and vibe into Salt + Stone. Plus, he gives good reason and tips for guys to create better skincare habits, and the products that can make getting started easier. Listen to the episode, then shop the conversation on Verishop. For more behind-the-scenes content, follow host Alex Barinka on Instagram and Twitter.

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