139. Proactive Ways to Reduce Stress & Tension

This is a conversation about tea that tastes like dusty flowers, hipsters on YouTube, the lost art of reading books and the wonders of bamboo clothing! It’s a humorous take on a serious topic - stress.

Over the past few months, I have been exploring different ways to reduce stress and tension in my daily life. I’ve tried meditation, journaling, reading, yoga, walking, reducing caffeine and more. Shifting the focus of my health journey from losing weight to relieving stress has had some surprising benefits.

This isn’t really an art-based episode and I actually stressed a bit about that (oops, still learning). I know that art and life are linked but sometimes I still feel the pressure to stay in a particular lane.

Having said that, one thing I know is that being an artist, business owner and spending a lot of time online increases your health risks. So with that said, I’m going to keep having these conversations and this one is particularly juicy and packed with book, podcast and video recommendations! I hope you enjoy it!

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