S5E5 - Insent’s exit to ZoomInfo ft. Arjun Pillai, former Founder & CEO at Insent.ai

In this episode, we hosted Arjun Pillai, former Founder & CEO at Insent.ai and currently SVP Products and Growth at ZoomInfo, to talk about Insent's exit to ZoomInfo.

Insent.ai is Arjun's second exit. He exited his first company, Profoundis, to FullContact back in 2016. Post which, he went on to build Insent.ai, which got acquired within three years.

We talked about the entire journey of the acquisition, right from the initial reach out to finalizing the exit. Arjun shared the deciding factors behind the exit.

He also shares how Insent's product will fit into ZoomInfo's suite of products and what's the future of Insent (now ZoomInfo Chat).

All this and more in this episode with Arjun.

Connect with Arjun on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rarjunpillai/

Check out SaaS Jobs here - https://pallet.xyz/list/saas-jobs/jobs

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