122 | Building an Influencer Brand w/ Jasmine Smith

"Pivoting is not a product of a worldwide pandemic. Entrepreneurs and visionaries often find themselves itching to try new things and cultivating a multi-passionate spirit. Jasmine's growth is evidence of that." ― Stephanie Rubio

In this episode, special guest Jasmine Smith, Founder-CEO of Pure Comm shares with us her journey to becoming a luxury influencer through the use of a thriving YouTube community and a network of other women in business and female entrepreneurs.

At Pure Comm. & Co., Jasmine works with small businesses, entrepreneurs on digital marketing, social media management, and content development and management. Now, with over five years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, Jasmine helps people create and implement strategic digital marketing tactics that will help reach their target audience, maintain an online presence and build their business and brand. While she’s managing her full-time career and running Pure Comm. & Co., she is also the content creator of her personal brand, Jasmine Katrina with the launch of her YouTube channel in 2020. Her youtube channel focuses on faith, lifestyle, and beauty and has opened doors for her to partner with small business owners and bigger brands like Altar’d State and more.




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