017: Mini Reno at Nicole J Boutique

This week’s episode hits very close to home as I open up about my thoughts and feelings on the 1-year anniversary of losing my grandmother. In this episode, I talk about my goals to live a more simple life and why lately I’ve been taking the time to decipher what matters most to me and where my priorities are. I also chat about a few renovations I am doing at the boutique including using pieces from my grandparent’s home in the boutique.  What’s in this episode: Her reflection on the 1-year anniversary of losing her grandmother Taking the time to decide what matters most to her and where her priorities lie Living a more simple life and only adding things to your plate that you can take on What Nicole wishes she would have done with her grandparents Why she’s done with excuses   Putting quality time into her relationship with her husband Her experience of selling her grandparents home  The changes and renovations they are doing at the boutique How Nicole’s gotten to know her customer over 2019 and what she’s excited for in 2020   Links: IGTV: Mini Reno + A Day in the Life of Nicole J   I am so glad you decided to tune in today. Continue to follow along my journey as a wife, a mama, and a girl boss by connecting with me on my website, Instagram or Facebook. You can also check out my personal Instagram to get a behind the scenes look at my life. If you want to hear more about my journey in the fashion industry, I’d encourage you to subscribe so we can continue to get to know each other. 

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