TOUGH TALKS - E089 - Getting In The Zone In Sport And Life with Dr. Debbie Crews

Why did Alan Alda always jump around all over the place before going onto the set to record a scene for Mash?  

What is "The Yips" and can you get "Life Yips"?  

Why do some of us choke when it comes time to shine and some of us don't?  

Mental Toughness or Mental Integrity?  

The Zone or Brain Synchronicity?  

These are some of the fascinating questions and distinctions that our esteemed (Legendary!) Sport Psychology Consultant and Entrepreneur, Dr. Debbie Crews, adresses in our latest episode of Tough Talks.  

Dr. Crews has appeared on countless TV shows including NBC Dateline, The Golf Channel and Scientific American Frontier with Alan Alda discussing all things mental about golf and life.  

Debbie is a great example of how excellent we can become at our craft when we stay with it and stay committed to constantly sharpening our saw.  She is brilliant beyond description and is as gracious and humble as they get. I am so happy to be able to share her and her wisdom with you.  

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