S1E15 - Calming An Overactive Mind. Release stress, worry, and anxiety.

Welcome to this Guided Meditation for calming an overactive mind and releasing stress, worry, and anxiety.

During times of great stress we can find our minds on overdrive, anxious about the uncertainty and unknown of the future.

This overwhelm can affect mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It’s important during times of stress to ensure we are taking good care of ourselves so that we can keep our bodies and mind in optimal health.

This meditation is to help ease your stress, calm your mind and place your body in a restful and peaceful state.

Allow yourself to surrender now, to be, and to embrace the healing affirmations and messages within this mediation.

✅ I suggest listening to this Affirmation Meditation as often as you can in order to receive its full benefits.

Do not worry if you fall asleep while listening, your unconscious mind will remain open and absorb all the positive and healing affirmations as you rest and reset.

Be sure to only listen when you are seated comfortably and not operating any sort of vehicle or machinery.

Embrace and enjoy.

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury Reiki Master/Teacher | Spiritual Guide | Bestselling Author

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