Do we really know yet if Omicron is "milder"?

Nearly two years into the global coronavirus pandemic, it's probably safe to say that we're all pretty much ready for it to be done. So no wonder we're hoping that very early reports from South Africa are possibly, just maybe, indicating that the Omicron variant is "milder" than variants before. But how much evidence is there for that yet? Is it true, or just wishful thinking? Also on today's show: * Is it possible that the emergence of this variant is actually an encouraging development for the COVID pandemic? * No big changes yet for Australia's international borders * The Omicron variant mutation that might end up helping us (a bit) * In previous episodes you have mentioned that variants can "out compete" other variants. What exactly does this mean and what is the mechanism behind it? * An update to the Dr Norman Swan Omicronometer of Panic

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