How to Scale Your Business + Hot Topics and Burning Beauty Biz Questions Answered

This episode's interview  is sponsored by Eby.In this episode, we answer some questions from you! Then, we chat with Renata Black to learn how EBY Underwear provides microfinancing for women around the world.Resources● EBY Underwear’s ​Instagram● Subscribe​ to EBY Underwear. Get 20% off your first order using the code ​beauty20​. Episode HighlightsCharging Convenience Fees● Don’t charge your client for the convenience fee.● Bundle the convenience fee into the price of your services.How to Start Selling Your Product● Figure out if people are interested in your product first.● Start with a small stock, and then scale once you earn more.● Keep reinvesting into your business.● Don’t expect to pay yourself immediately.● Start with a microloan. $100 can go a long way.About Renata and EBY Underwear● Renata and Sofia Vergara co-founded EBY Underwear.● Renata used her microfinance background to help women start their businesses withsmall loans.● EBY Underwear does this by giving 10% of their revenue to provide microfinancing forwomen.Business Tricks amid COVID-19● Adapt to any situation.● Anticipate needs.● Nurture your team’s relationship.● Connect with your subscribers.This Episode Is Brought to You by: Face Reality SkincareGet online training for acne treatment for $0! Purchase the training course for $500, and get a $500 product credit once you complete it. Follow the link below to get certified. provides you with daily vitamins to help you feel your best and support your long-term goals. Take their ​5-minute online quiz​ to get supplements tailored to your wellness goals and needs.Use our discount code ​biz50​ to get 50% off your first order. The discount is automatically applied in the link below. to Sponsor Our Show?We accept advertising and sponsorship requests. Please email us at ​​ toget started.Support the Show● Sign up for our FREE ​weekly workbooks​.● Check out the Beauty Biz BFFs podcast ​show notes Support the show (

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