S2 / E98 Stalker Standoff: Bridget Fitzpatrick

Bridget Fitzpatrick was stalked by a psychotic neighbor. While working for the Police Department, Bridget helped a man start several neighborhood watches in their shared neighborhood. When this man found out she was recently separated from her husband he started calling her, asked her out, and sent her flowers. Bridget made it clear that she wasn’t interested and wanted to keep their relationship professional. He sent her a delusional apology letter and later entered her house twice, the second time turning into a physical altercation before he was apprehended and sentenced to eighteen months for stalking and resisting arrest. Bridget now works with state legislators to strengthen stalking laws, train regional law enforcement on how to properly investigate stalking cases, and is a life coach for stalking survivors. Bridget Fitzpatrick - Life Coach www.itsyourchoicetoday.com/ DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STORY TO SHARE? E-MAIL US strictlystalkingpod@gmail.com RATE US As a listener of Strictly Stalking please leave a review and rate us FIVE STARS on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strictly-stalking/id1494237083 CHECK OUT OUR PATREON:

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