S1E5 - Turquoise and Eucalyptus

This week we have turquoise and eucalyptus. My grandmother was a big fan of turquoise and she passed many of her pieces on to me when she passed. I still feel her when I wear them. If you need a stone for fending off those allergies you should keep one of these calm, soothing stones nearby. Similarly eucalyptus will form a gentle barrier around you. It’s cooling properties are good for clearing your sinuses, but it is poisonous to pets so use with caution! This week I tried to make a comprehensive list of different types of witches, but I’m sure I missed some so if I left you out I apologize. Maybe you identify with just one of these types, maybe you are looking into learning about a second or third type, maybe you feel like you’re a blend of several types. So tell me….what kind of witch are you??

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