#90 Carlos Peruser

Subscribe to the Braised Bits Patreon! patreon.com/braisedbits Check out the new discord! Link in bio @braisedbits instagram 00:00-00:30- Jesse reads an ad for West Wings Buffalo Wings. 00:30- 00:55 - The chefs dip into episode ninety the right way with a David Wright angle. 00:55- 1:30 - Lance chers that he is wearing Kates hat and Jay Feels like he can yell at people for standing too close to the Erik Flowers. 2:30-4:45 - The chefs debate whether an outdoor shower is a scam Newton. 4:45- 6:00 - Lance shouts out the newly formed discord and specifically Michael Kay for post maloning a delicious salmon dish. 6:00- 10:00 - Jesse discusses what he thinky and the brains about the Shnackerys cavatelle and detleff shrimp dish network. 10:00-13:01 - Lance chers meal prep regarding Zachary Shnackarys discord post about the Kitchen Farts and Letters 13:01-15:02 - Jesses highlight had him taking a dip in the Frank Ocean. 15:02-19:21 - Lances highlight had him enjoy beharing his thyme in Newport, Rhode Island. 19:21- 22:15 - Lance reveal parms that he needs to purchase new blue suede shoes for a fancy reagan dinner. 22:15- 1:03:20 - The chefs Joe List their top nine Nickelodeon characters. 1:03:20-1:07:10 - Phil Jackson and Kate predict the chefs top nine lists. 1:07:10- 1:10:50 - Lances QAB has him showing appreciation for a crazy derrick car driving on a sidewalk to avoid traffic. 1:10:50-1:16:19 - Jesses QAB has him having to deal or no deal with a hackey bartender recycling bits. 1:16:19-1:18:0 - The chefs bring in the closer and promote the pod.

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