Iskra Lawrence: Building a Brand

In this episode of the Model Podcast we are speaking with Iskra Lawrence – Model, Activist and Entrepreneur. She is one of the foremost advocates for body diversity in the fashion industry, and is known for starring in unretouched campaigns ranging from underwear to swimwear. She is an active critic of "body shamers" and was named in 2016 one of the BBC's 100 most influential women.  The Model Podcast offers an insider’s look at the fashion industry, past and present, featuring an array of prolific guests. Hosted by Robyn Bright, model, presenter turned talent scout at Models1, the podcast series will delve into the lives, careers and opinions of some of the world’s best and most important players in modelling and fashion, both past and present, including Yasmin Le Bon, Iskra Lawrence, Caroline Rush, Fenn O’Meally and more. The weekly series sees Bright and her esteemed guests explore the fashion industry’s key challenges, from diversity and representation, through to safeguarding models and creativity in a globalised industry. Through conversations with a variety of guests, including photographers and filmmakers, models, agency heads, stylists, fashion label owners and journalists, the podcast will explore the rich history of the fashion industry, how it’s evolved and where it’s headed. This is a Studio71 production.  Producer - Jack Claramunt  Co-Producer - Jess Crabbe Exec Producer - Tom Payne a Jody Smith Production Support - Phie McKenzie Editing - Joel Grove Studio71 is a Red Arrow Studios Company.   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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