Jurassic Minutes November 2021

Hello and welcome to The November issue of Jurassic Minutes 


Where we discuss recent movie, toy and franchise news for the Jurassic series. 






On this episode we will be discussing 

  • Jurassic park a visual history has landed, in some places,
  • Jurassic pedia is spreading out
  • We got something for thanks giving,
  • And we talk camp Cretaceous season 4

Recent Toy or Prop Purchases?

Brad - Robert Muldoon, crushed. EXPLORERs!!!

Dave - Amber Collection JP/// Raptor, JP Ultimate Visual History


Now for the news

00:04:48 The Jurassic park ultimate visual history book has arrived for some fans.  It seems to be a US exclusive at the moment. But is it the ultimate visual history? Some fans are saying no.



00:17:39 Jurassic-Pedia and Behind the gates Colab. Something new for Jurassic pedia, a collaboration and a new series on the Facebook page featuring scenes from the films.



00:23:00 The Noble collection has released 3 small Jurassic inspired figures with display cases.



00:28:02 Camp Cretaceous season 4 trailer has dropped. What have they done?



Then we got a short tease of the mosasaur attacking the boat, which was quickly replaced by a longer clip showing why it was there in the first place. And the boat seemingly being stuck in sea week in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?


Movie news

00:36:01 Universal has released the 5 minute imax preview for dominion online, along with another new logo at the end. We discussed it back when fast 9 was released, anything new to add?



Production note before we leave, there’s 5 more minutes to release leading into Christmas and that will conclude the Jurassic world minute. 

 We will be having a bit of a break over the holidays. Well one of us anyway I’ll be getting sound bites from fallen kingdom and getting stuff behind the scene done lol. 


-some listeners have been posting on our older shows re jp3, thank you and keep it up.



Thank you for listening. 

-Anything else we'd like to bring up?

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