TFP 313: Pro Strategies and Techniques with Joel Myers - From the 2020 archives

[From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2020] On today’s episode of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with USPTA Elite Professional Joel Myers about pro strategies and techniques to help you level up your tennis game. Joel is a world-class tennis coach in San Diego at Coronado Tennis Center and was a 3-time collegiate All American. He was ranked in the Top 10 in singles and doubles in the NAIA and was the National Player of the Year 2010. Joel has almost 50k followers on Instagram thanks to all the fantastic strategies and techniques that he has shared with thousands of tennis players worldwide. He has received numerous testimonials and endorsements from other elite coaches and players including Coach Peter Smith, Craig O’ Shannessy, Paul Annacone, Marcus Willis, Dr. Mark Kovacs and Allistair McCaw. On the show, you’ll learn the key technical change that helped Joel add 20MPH+ on his serve, how to improve your forehand and backhand technique, Joel’s top winning singles and doubles plays that will win you more tennis matches, his journey from top junior player to elite tennis coach, how to prepare for matches and tournaments, the secret to Joel’s explosive Instagram growth by sharing his tennis knowledge, and much more! I hope you enjoy my interview with Joel! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below! And be sure to subscribe to Tennis Files to receive the latest tennis content to improve your game straight to your inbox! Joel’s Website Joel’s Instagram Page Dr. Mark Kovacs Interview on the Serve The Tennis Files Podcast Tennis Files YouTube Channel (Subscribe!) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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