7: Tanmay Bhat on Viral and Influencer Marketing for Startups

“2 or 3 campaigns will not make your brand! You have to be consistently at it for years”Content marketing is critical, whether you’re chasing sales or website traffic. It isn’t as easy though, especially for a startup where change- across product, people and placement- is the only constant. And when you’re caught by these waves of change, you either sink or swim unless, of course, you’re smart enough to build a boat and turn a profit by offering rides.Influencer, content entrepreneur and internet sensation Tanmay Bhat did just that as he built India’s first viral content business. From engaging a room full of comedy enthusiasts to winning millions of subscribers on YouTube, Tanmay has literally defined the formula for user engagement and retention.  “Virality isn't science! It’s a product of experimentation," says Tanmay. With social media gaining more popularity by the day, your company’s valuation is definitely linked to customer validation. So if you want to scale your brand love, tune in to this episode of #BuildingItUp with Bertelsmann to catch his definitive guide on creating viral content.  

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