#383 Dr. Funkenstein and the Supply Chain Chaos: A Dungeon & Dragons Adventure

Have you ever wondered what the biggest supply chain issues are in today's global trade market? Pete Mento, the Commercial Director of Customs and International Trade at DSV, joins Shoe-In to discuss the current chaos of the logistics and supply chain industry. Pete explains the challenges posed by evolving supply chains, a lack of free trade agreements, increased regulations, cyber security, and labor unrest. He suggests companies should "consider the worst" when it comes to supply chain resiliency, and suggests corporations use Dungeons & Dragons-style game plans to prepare for any potential worst-case scenarios. (you'll have to listen to the episode to even understand the title)

With special guest:

Pete Mento, Commercial Director of Customs and International Trade, DSV

Hosted by:

Matt Priest and Thomas Crockett

2356 232

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